Where’s the joy in ‘business benefits’?

In B2B marketing, the message always comes down to money. It’s about spending less to make or sell or charging more so that profits will grow.

But that’s not everything. It’s not the reason that people set up businesses. Scratch any successful entrepreneur and you’ll find someone who believed that they could do something better than it was already being done, or that they could do something that no one else was doing.

Whatever it was, they all had a passion for doing that thing and doing it well. And even as their companies grew, they stayed passionate about it. So when I’m asked to focus solely on the business benefits of some new technology, I wonder if we’re slightly missing a trick. Some business owners will get excited about technology that lets them do that thing better, not just because it will make or save them a little more money.

I think many printers fall into this category. Of course they want their business to succeed, which usually means growth, but they also care about the quality of what they print, and unless they’re buying solely on price or speed of turnaround, so do their customers – and even then, they will care if the quality doesn’t meet their expectations. So when a cool new but of kit comes along that enables an entire new application, raises the quality bar for an existing one or produces output of the same quality but twice as fast, that’s something to be excited about in its own right, not just because it means a few margin points.

The English textile designer and poet William Morris said “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. Print can be both, no matter how mundane its purpose, so let’s celebrate the advances in technology that make it more so.

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